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Razor State Consulting enters Singapore’s Corporate Services for Investment Management Companies

Razor State, a division of the Chicago, USA-based global fund services and technology company Formidium Corp., has announced an entry and expansion of its services into the Singapore market.

Empowering the alternative investment sector with pioneering independent fund administration services tailored to your unique requirements, Formidium Singapore delivers scalable and innovative solutions.

Formidium, at its core, is an Independent global fund administrator driven by innovation and excellence. Our proprietary Seamless Software platform stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional services to the alternative investment fund management communities worldwide. Seamlessly integrating portfolio management, fund accounting, and investor reporting, our platform has earned recognition as an award-winning, full-scale, web-based application.

At Formidium Singapore, we are proud to be an integral part of the Formidium family, renowned for its cutting-edge Seamless Software platform.

Why Formidium?

Our Purpose:

Experts in alternative investment funds and digital assets, Formidium leads the fund administration industry. Combining seasoned professionals with advanced technology, we are on course to become industry leaders, marked by significant recent growth.

Unparalleled experience and expertise:

SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 Audits

Flexible Solutions

Successful use cases with 1000 active funds and managers

SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 Audits

Easy Integration

Flexible integration with external sources/systems

SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 Audits

Client Servicing

Committed client service team that spans the globe

SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 Audits

SOC Audited

Comprehensive cyber security controls & SOC 1,2, & 3 audited



Razor State

We provide back-office support to Management Companies (“ManCo”) and Pre-IPO companies (CorpCo), under Razor State brand. Our team of highly trained professionals is experienced in the financial accounting and operations of investment managers, as well as early-stage companies, providing services across the corporate accounting and support functions.

Security and Control

Proud Member of These Esteemed Organization

Formidium assists fund managers with any of their fund strategies and structures, from traditional to digital and both onshore and offshore. We are committed to aiding our clients in achieving financial mastery.

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